Hello! I’m Mehdi, an Amsterdam-based copywriter from the US.


I never thought I liked writing. I liked big, real and raw emotions that made me feel alive. So I was mostly outdoors being active. Meanwhile my English teachers praised me. Then one day, words came to me. They never stopped coming. By my early 20s I couldn’t stop writing. I’d found a bottomless bag of creative energy that could stir up all kinds of emotions not only in me but also in others. Magic.


I’ve always been a bit of a boutique worker, drawn to close connections and driven individuals passionate about their projects. But I’ve also found this vibe to be strong in larger multinationals and enjoy that scene. Really, it’s about the people and the projects. Working on juicy problems and crisp whys make my mouth water.  


Think we’ll get along and have your own mouth-watering project or idea in mind?


Reach out. Let’s see how we can make it happen.


P.S. I started urban ENSŌ in 2016 with a focus on city projects. The goal was to help create a more human, circular and sustainable world. That’s still my vision, but now I’m helping make it happen by working more with brands. All the dots are connected. What dots are you trying to connect?
















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