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PERFECT! Jeez we are lucky to have you :)

– Head of Internal Comms, TomTom


I love all headlines! They are very brilliant! Thanks again for the amazing copy!

– Sr. Marketeer CRM, TomTom


These email comms are fantastic! Short, concise, light-hearted and nicely personalized. I love the increasingly urgent tone in the messaging, without it ever sounding demanding. For me, they’re perfect.

– Third-party partner team

Many thanks Mehdi for both the copy and for addressing the feedback brilliantly. The copy is splendidly spot-on. … This is approved, and much appreciated.

– Manager Digital Marketing Automotive, TomTom

Love it.

– Chief HR Officer and EMB Member, TomTom


Again, thanks for your great feedback on design consistency, always good to finish work with you :)

– Head of Brand, TomTom


Thanks for speedy update. I love the changes – the inspirational new messaging is really strong!

– Sr. Digital Marketeer Enterprise, TomTom


We have never had this much help with copy and such an amazing quality of it. Your responsiveness and engagement are extremely appreciated. We keep saying that here all the time :) And by the way, this year’s slogan is the best of all :)

Principal Software Engineer, TomTom


The requester loved your copy! We can hand this version over to a designer for the visual work. Thanks again for your prompt cooperation and chic copy! 

– Sr. Marketeer, TomTom


Copy looks GOOD! Approved.

– Sr. Manager CRM

Your copy is always neat and clear!

– Sr. Marketeer CRM, TomTom

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